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πŸ–– External command for Homebrew that checks for newer versions of formulae from upstream.
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External command for Homebrew that checks for newer version of formulae in the upstream.


brew tap homebrew/livecheck

That's it. You don't even need to install the formula. And it will autoupdate whenever you do a brew update.


The most useful way to use the command is by invoking

$ brew livecheck
==> git : 2.1.2 ==> 2.1.2
==> sqlmap : 0.9 ==> 0.9
==> pebble-sdk : 2.6 ==> 2.7

which shows (with colors!) the formulae in your watchlist (default: ~/.brew_livecheck_watchlist) that are outdated. You can set your own watchlist file in the HOMEBREW_LIVECHECK_WATCHLIST env variable.

brew livecheck
brew livecheck formula1 formula2 ...
brew livecheck [-i|--installed]
brew livecheck [-a|--all]
brew livecheck [-h|--help]

Check if a formula is outdated. If no argument is passed, the list of
formulae to check is taken from /Users/youtux/.brew_livecheck_watchlist.

-h, --help        show this help message and exit
-n, --newer-only  show the latest version only if it's newer than the formula
                  in Homebrew
-v, --verbose     be more verbose :)
-q, --quieter     be more quiet (do not show errors)
-d, --debug       show debugging info

Some of the formulae can be checked out-of-the-box (like sqlmap), but others need to some attention to make 'em work. If you find a formula that can't be checked, please help the project by writing the Livecheckable version and make a pull request!

In order to make a formula compatible with homebrew-livecheck, it is sufficient to extend the formulae class and place it into the Livecheckables directory.

The only requirement is that a Livecheckable formula must implement the latest method, that can be easily made by calling the livecheck function available from formula.rb.

Here's an example from python.rb:

class Python
  livecheck :url   => "",
            :regex => %r{href="[0-9\.]+)}

You can look at Livecheckables to get the idea.

Contributions are welcomed

If you like this project and you find it useful, help me by adding more Livecheckables or by improving the code (or the non-existing wiki, the readme, etc.).


See the git log. An old changelog (not maintained) is available at

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