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// Copyright 2010, Shuo Chen. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
// that can be found in the License file.
// Author: Shuo Chen (chenshuo at chenshuo dot com)
// This is a public header file, it must only include public header files.
#include "muduo/base/Atomic.h"
#include "muduo/base/Types.h"
#include "muduo/net/TcpConnection.h"
#include <map>
namespace muduo
namespace net
class Acceptor;
class EventLoop;
class EventLoopThreadPool;
/// TCP server, supports single-threaded and thread-pool models.
/// This is an interface class, so don't expose too much details.
class TcpServer : noncopyable
typedef std::function<void(EventLoop*)> ThreadInitCallback;
enum Option
//TcpServer(EventLoop* loop, const InetAddress& listenAddr);
TcpServer(EventLoop* loop,
const InetAddress& listenAddr,
const string& nameArg,
Option option = kNoReusePort);
~TcpServer(); // force out-line dtor, for std::unique_ptr members.
const string& ipPort() const { return ipPort_; }
const string& name() const { return name_; }
EventLoop* getLoop() const { return loop_; }
/// Set the number of threads for handling input.
/// Always accepts new connection in loop's thread.
/// Must be called before @c start
/// @param numThreads
/// - 0 means all I/O in loop's thread, no thread will created.
/// this is the default value.
/// - 1 means all I/O in another thread.
/// - N means a thread pool with N threads, new connections
/// are assigned on a round-robin basis.
void setThreadNum(int numThreads);
void setThreadInitCallback(const ThreadInitCallback& cb)
{ threadInitCallback_ = cb; }
/// valid after calling start()
std::shared_ptr<EventLoopThreadPool> threadPool()
{ return threadPool_; }
/// Starts the server if it's not listening.
/// It's harmless to call it multiple times.
/// Thread safe.
void start();
/// Set connection callback.
/// Not thread safe.
void setConnectionCallback(const ConnectionCallback& cb)
{ connectionCallback_ = cb; }
/// Set message callback.
/// Not thread safe.
void setMessageCallback(const MessageCallback& cb)
{ messageCallback_ = cb; }
/// Set write complete callback.
/// Not thread safe.
void setWriteCompleteCallback(const WriteCompleteCallback& cb)
{ writeCompleteCallback_ = cb; }
/// Not thread safe, but in loop
void newConnection(int sockfd, const InetAddress& peerAddr);
/// Thread safe.
void removeConnection(const TcpConnectionPtr& conn);
/// Not thread safe, but in loop
void removeConnectionInLoop(const TcpConnectionPtr& conn);
typedef std::map<string, TcpConnectionPtr> ConnectionMap;
EventLoop* loop_; // the acceptor loop
const string ipPort_;
const string name_;
std::unique_ptr<Acceptor> acceptor_; // avoid revealing Acceptor
std::shared_ptr<EventLoopThreadPool> threadPool_;
ConnectionCallback connectionCallback_;
MessageCallback messageCallback_;
WriteCompleteCallback writeCompleteCallback_;
ThreadInitCallback threadInitCallback_;
AtomicInt32 started_;
// always in loop thread
int nextConnId_;
ConnectionMap connections_;
} // namespace net
} // namespace muduo