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Android app to moderate and play Assassin games using face recognition.

Like the live-action game, Assassin, but moderated by a mobile app. No one has to sit out to moderate the game--Everyone can play! Rather than shooting each other with squirt guns or throwing dirty socks around, this game is played with your phone camera. Snap a photo of your target and their identity will be verified using face recognition. If that's the right person, you've successfully assassinated your target!

An Android app that uses Firebase realtime database, Firebase storage, Facebook auth, Microsoft Face API, and a simple Node.js backend (see repo called snap_server).


  • Change weird mixture of Ion and Volley network calls to just Ion.
  • Firebase push notifications.
  • Implement join/create game functionalities (currently everyone joins the same game).
  • Find out why the ready bar doesn't always disappear when other people start the game without you.
  • Revamp the login system so its not hacky and uses more than just Facebook. And so players can actually log out.
  • Implement veto system to veto cheats, which may be possible if someone takes a photo of a photo of their target.
  • Display history of photos so that everyone can verify that the snap was legitimate.
  • Implement a feed for an event logs, like "Game has started", or "____ has been eliminated."
  • Add other game modes like Zombies vs Humans or Phantom
  • Create easy sharing to invite people to games. Or a QR code type thing.

Created by Vincent Tran, Tony Nguyen, Wesley Wei, Charles Wan, Nga Pham


Android app for face-recognition Assassin. 2nd place winner of Tufts Polyhack 2016.



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