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Install go-tour
The code for go-tour will remain under the directory <go_workspace>/src/
and the code code will be under <go_workspace>/src/
Apply the go_tools.diff from directory. This can also modified to work with other languages such as
Python, Perl etc.!!
Apply the go_tour_changes.diff patch inside go-tour
copy c++.png and put it under go-tour/static directory
clone with cpp-tour contents under go-tour/contents directory
run $go run gotour/tour.go gotour/local.go gotour/fmt.go
from go-tour directory
The c++ tour would appear in the web-brower.
Please install boost libraries under /usr/lib64/. Yes it needs s 64 bit machine. Or make sure
you change the patch to point the location of boost libraries.
If a static ip-address is specified, anyone from the network cannot connect and run the tour!!
Note: The connection is a http unsecure connection..
I have not looked into running it in a app-engine with a secure connection yet.
Courtesy: c++.png icon was picked up from
The go-tour code from
Have fun!!