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Study on choice of various components for a web service. Aims to quickly give an overview of the various strengths and features of that component/programming language in a wiki.

This project was inspired from android guides

The idea is to create a wiki that serves the following purpose,

  • Choosing a database such as SQL, POSTGRES-SQL, Redis, Casandra, memcached, MongoDb etc.
  • Choosing a web-framework such as Rails, Sinatra, Play2-Java, Django, Flask, Gin etc.
  • Choosing a programming language such as Java, Ruby, Go, Python for building a solution
  • Make the syntax/features cheat sheet of a programming language in a single page.
  • Choosing a web frontend such as angular js, ember js, backbone js etc.
  • Choosing between native/hybrid mobile apps.

List their strengths and possible use cases to build solutions using the right tools.