Questions and Concerns before starting

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  • What is the phase of the product development ?

    • Is it prototyping for a startup idea ?
    • Is it a phase of addressing the performance and scalability bottle necks ?
    • Is it for an already existing enterprise product ?
  • What kind of application is it ?

    • Is it a web app backed with website/REST interfaces for mobile ?
    • Is it backend as a service ?
    • Is it a REST connector for a already existing backend developed in language such as C/C++ ?
    • Is it just a mobile app prototype ?
  • Community support for a web framework

    • The language used
    • Batteries available within the language, framework and community
    • Are the support libraries actively maintained ? (Eg: Ruby gem, Python module etc.)
    • Last release made
    • Number of stars in github
    • Discussions in stackoverflow and quora
  • Maintainability

  • Developer's in market - can be also related to budget as well

  • Performance and Scalability

  • Security

  • Debugging and Profiling tools

  • Ease of deployment

  • Ease of providing updates

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