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awesome-react-renderer Awesome

Awesome list of React Renderer

If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send me a pull request.

Table of Contents

Web (+ NW & Electron)

  • react-dom - A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • react-tiny-dom - A minimal implementation of react-dom using react-reconciler
  • react-art - React Bridge to the ART Drawing Library.
  • react-canvas - High performance canvas rendering for React components.
  • react-pixi-fiber - Write PixiJS applications using React declarative style.
  • react-three - React bindings to create and control a 3D scene using three.js.
  • react-three-fiber - React reconciler for Threejs on the web and react-native.
  • React-GL - Render React components in WebGL for 60 FPS animations.
  • ReactLiberty - Connect, discover, be free to choose between WebGL / Canvas (PIXI) / DOM or any other UI renderer.
  • react-vr - Render React components in WebGL/WebVR for VR apps.
  • react-konsul - A react renderer that renders to the browser's devtools console.
  • react-worker-dom - Experiments to see the advantages of using Web Workers to Render React Virtual DOM.
  • rax - A universal React-compatible render engine.
  • react-native-dom An experimental, comprehensive port of React Native to the web.


  • proton-native - A React environment for cross platform native desktop apps.
  • stain - [beta] rapid GUI development using familiar technologies (fat-free electron).
  • React NodeGUI - Build performant, native and cross-platform desktop applications with native React + powerful CSS like styling.🚀
  • react-gtk - React Native renderer for gtk powered cross platform desktop applications that run on OSX, Linux and Windows.
  • react-qml - Build native, high-performance, cross-platform applications (desktop and mobile) through a React (and/or QML) syntax.


Command Line Interface

  • react-blessed - A react renderer for blessed.
  • ink - React for interactive command-line apps.
  • react-cli - a react renderer for the command line.


  • react-tvml - React bindings to Apple's TVJS and TVML.
  • React-Gibbon - React bindings to Netflix's custom Gibbon rendering layer on TV devices.
  • react-tv - React development for TV (WebOS, SmartTVs).
  • react-ape - React Renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL.


  • react-hardware - React Hardware enables you to build firmata-based hardware applications using React.
  • react-dmx - Use React components to control lights and devices with DMX channels.
  • react-ssd1306 - A React Renderer for SSD1306 OLED chip on Raspberry Pi.


  • react-html-email - Create HTML email templates using React without dealing with archaic HTML elements.
  • oy - Render HTML emails on the server with React.



  • wax - An experimental, JSX-compatible renderer for the Web Audio API.


  • noop-renderer - This is a renderer of React that doesn't have a render target output. It is useful to demonstrate the internals of the reconciler in isolation and for testing semantics of reconciliation separate from the host environment.
  • react-ast - React AST is the ultimate meta programming tool that uses react to render abstract syntax trees. It can be used to build powerful code generators and babel plugins that are easy to read and can scale.
  • react-test-renderer - React package for snapshot testing.
  • react-x11 - React renderer with X11 as a target.
  • react-sketchapp - render React components to Sketch.
  • react-figma - render React components to Figma.
  • react-slack-renderer - render Slack messages using React.
  • workflow-react - render your desktop layout with React.
  • react-unity - render React components to Unity UI
  • @ts-graphviz/react - Graphviz-dot Renderer using React.




To the extent possible under law, Chen-Tsu Lin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


Awesome list of React Renderer



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