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awesome-react-renderer Awesome

Awesome list of React Renderer

If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send me a pull request.

Table of Contents

Web (+ NW & Electron)

  • react-dom - A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • react-tiny-dom - A minimal implementation of react-dom using react-reconciler
  • react-art - React Bridge to the ART Drawing Library.
  • react-canvas - High performance canvas rendering for React components.
  • react-pixi-fiber - Write PixiJS applications using React declarative style.
  • react-three - React bindings to create and control a 3D scene using three.js.
  • React-GL - Render React components in WebGL for 60 FPS animations.
  • ReactLiberty - Connect, discover, be free to choose between WebGL / Canvas (PIXI) / DOM or any other UI renderer.
  • react-vr - Render React components in WebGL/WebVR for VR apps.
  • react-konsul - A react renderer that renders to the browser's devtools console.
  • react-worker-dom - Experiments to see the advantages of using Web Workers to Render React Virtual DOM.
  • rax - A universal React-compatible render engine.
  • react-native-dom An experimental, comprehensive port of React Native to the web.


  • proton-native - A React environment for cross platform native desktop apps


  • react-native - A framework for building native apps with React.
  • react-titanium - React custom renderer for Appcelerator® Titanium™ SDK.

Command Line Interface

  • react-blessed - A react renderer for blessed.
  • ink - React for interactive command-line apps
  • react-cli - a react renderer for the command line


  • react-tvml - React bindings to Apple's TVJS and TVML.
  • React-Gibbon - React bindings to Netflix's custom Gibbon rendering layer on TV devices.
  • react-tv - React development for TV (WebOS, SmartTVs)
  • react-ape - React Renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL


  • react-hardware - React Hardware enables you to build firmata-based hardware applications using React.
  • react-dmx - Use React components to control lights and devices with DMX channels


  • react-html-email - Create HTML email templates using React without dealing with archaic HTML elements.
  • oy - Render HTML emails on the server with React.



  • wax - An experimental, JSX-compatible renderer for the Web Audio API.


  • noop-renderer - This is a renderer of React that doesn't have a render target output. It is useful to demonstrate the internals of the reconciler in isolation and for testing semantics of reconciliation separate from the host environment.
  • react-test-renderer - React package for snapshot testing.
  • react-x11 - React renderer with X11 as a target.
  • react-sketchapp - render React components to Sketch.
  • react-slack-renderer - render Slack messages using React.
  • workflow-react - render your desktop layout with React




To the extent possible under law, Chen-Tsu Lin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.