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Welcome to the DualBootPatcher Wiki!

This wiki was created to explain everything about DualBootPatcher, From A to Z. It contains a lot of information, hope it'll be useful for you.


What is DualBootPatcher?

DualBootPatcher is an open-source app that allows multiple ROMs to be installed on a single Android device. It does its best to work with existing code and does not require explicit support from ROMs. There are currently 320+ supported devices and their variations. It's originally developed by the amazing developer @chenxiaolong with help of many contributors.

What does the app do ?:

It patches...

  • Custom kernels for dual boot support
  • ROMs so that they can be installed as secondary
  • Google Apps packages for AOSP-based ROMs
  • SuperSU so that it can be used in the secondary ROM

Where can you find it?


Other Wiki Pages:


App developed by @chenxiaolong

Wiki Originally created by: @Caio99BR

Updated and edited by: @yshalsager

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