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# Reset all of Compiz's settings for the current user
echo "This will reset all of Compiz's settings. Continue only if you know exactly"
echo "what is being done."
echo ""
echo "This program will:"
echo " 1. Switch to the metacity window manager"
echo " 2. Remove Compiz's configuration directories"
echo " 3. Reset Compiz's dconf/GSettings settings"
read -p "Continue (y/N) " PROCEED
if [ "x${PROCEED}" == "xy" ] || [ "x${PROCEED}" == "xY" ]; then
echo -n "Switching to the metacity window manager..."
metacity --replace &>/dev/null &
echo "DONE"
echo -n "Waiting for Compiz to exit..."
while $(pgrep compiz$ &>/dev/null); do
sleep 0.1
echo "DONE"
echo -n "Removing Compiz's configuration directories..."
rm -rf ~/.compiz/
rm -rf ~/.compiz-1/
rm -rf ~/.cache/compizconfig-1/
rm -rf ~/.config/compiz-1/
echo "DONE"
echo -n "Resetting Compiz's dconf/GSettings settings..."
dconf reset -f /org/compiz/
echo "DONE"
echo "Please log out and log back in. To log out, run:"
echo " gnome-session-quit --logout"
echo ""
echo "If that fails, try:"
echo " killall -s 9 gnome-session"