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Porting Ubuntu's Unity Shell to Arch Linux

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Special thanks to thn81, L42y, City-Busz, and all of the other AUR maintainers that helped make it possible to run Unity under Arch Linux!

Please make sure you don't already have modified versions of the dependencies installed. For example, gtk3-ubuntu might fail to compile if there's a modified version of gtk3 already installed.

Packages ending with "-ubuntu" contain Ubuntu patches and REPLACE Arch Linux versions of those packages.

Order to compile/install:

01: gtk2-ubuntu                    -> GTK toolkit 2.0 with Ubuntu patches
02: gtk3-ubuntu                    -> GTK toolkit 3.0 with Ubuntu patches
03: qt-ubuntu                      -> Qt toolkit with Ubuntu patches
04: libdbusmenu                    -> Library for passing menus over DBus
05: libindicator                   -> Symbols and functions for indicators
06: libindicate                    -> Libraries for apps to raise 'flags' on DBus
07: libindicate-qt                 -> Qt bindings for libindicate
08: libappindicator                -> Library to export menu bar to Unity
09: appmenu-gtk                    -> Application menu module for GTK+
10: libunity                       -> Library for integrating Unity
11: libunity-misc                  -> Differently licensed stuff for Unity
12: libunity-webapps               -> Library for integrating WebApps into Unity
13: bamf                           -> Application matching framework
14: libqtbamf                      -> Qt bindings for bamf
15: libqtdee                       -> Qt binding and QML plugin for Dee
16: libqtgconf                     -> Qt bindings for GConf
17: dconf-qt                       -> Qt bindings for DConf
18: sni-qt                         -> Turns Qt tray icons into appindicators
19: ido                            -> Widgets and objects used for indicators
20: check                          -> Unit testing framework for C
21: libaccounts-glib               -> Account mgmt. library for GLib apps
22: libaccounts-qt                 -> Qt library for Single Sign On
23: signon                         -> Single Sign On Framework
24: signon-ui                      -> Online Accounts Sign-on UI
25: libsignon-glib                 -> Account mgmt. library for GLib apps
26: signon-keyring-extension       -> GNOME Keyring extension for signond
27: signon-plugin-oauth2           -> Oauth2 plugin for the SSO Framework
28: libzeitgeist                   -> Client library to interact with Zeitgeist
29: zeitgeist-datahub              -> Plugins that insert events into Zeitgeist
30: python2-geoclue                -> Geoclue Python module
31: python2-xapian                 -> Python bindings for Xapian
32: zeitgeist-extensions           -> Extensions for Zeitgeist
33: gsettings-desktop-schemas-ubuntu -> Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop
34: gnome-settings-daemon-ubuntu   -> Daemon handling the GNOME session settings
35: gnome-session-ubuntu           -> GNOME Session Manager
36: gnome-control-center-ubuntu    -> Utilities to configure the GNOME desktop
37: gnome-control-center-signon    -> GNOME Control Center extension for SSO
38: account-plugins                -> Online Accounts Plugins
39: activity-log-manager           -> Blacklist configuration GUI for Zeitgeist
40: gnome-screensaver-ubuntu       -> Screensaver and screen locking for GNOME
41: indicator-applet               -> GNOME panel indicator applet
42: indicator-application          -> Takes menus and puts then in the panel
43: indicator-appmenu              -> An indicator to host the menus from apps
44: libtimezonemap                 -> GTK+3 timezone map widget
45: indicator-datetime             -> A very, very simple clock
46: indicator-messages             -> Collects messages that need a response
47: indicator-power                -> Indicator to show battery information
48: indicator-printers             -> Indicator showing active print jobs
49: indicator-session              -> Indicator to manage session
50: indicator-sound                -> A unified sound menu
51: notify-osd                     -> Semi-transparent notification agent
52: network-manager-applet-ubuntu  -> Network Manager applet with indicator support
53: gnome-bluetooth-ubuntu         -> Gnome bluetooth applet with indicator support
54: gtest                          -> C++ testing utility based on xUnit
55: gmock                          -> A library for writing C++ mock classes
56: overlay-scrollbar *            -> Overlay scrollbars for GTK 2 and GTK 3
57: evemu                          -> Linux evdev event emulation
58: frame                          -> Touch frame library
59: fixesproto-ubuntu              -> X11 Fixes extension wire protocol
60: libxfixes-ubuntu               -> X11 misc. 'fixes' extension library
61: xorg-server-ubuntu             -> Xorg X server
62: grail                          -> Gesture recognition and instantiation lib.
63: geis                           -> Implementation of the GEIS interface
64: ibus-ubuntu                    -> Next generation input bus for Linux
65: nux                            -> An OpenGL toolkit
66: unity-asset-pool               -> Design assets for Unity
67: gnome-menus2                   -> Gnome menu specifications
68: nautilus-ubuntu                -> File manager and graphics shell for GNOME
69: python-oauthlib                -> Python implementation of OAuth 
70: unity-lens-applications        -> Unity applications lens
71: unity-lens-files               -> Unity files lens
72: unity-lens-music               -> Unity music lens
73: unity-lens-photos              -> Unity photo lens
74: unity-lens-video               -> Unity video lens
75: unity-scope-video-remote       -> Remove video search for Unity video lens
76: unity-scope-gdocs              -> Google Docs scope for Unity
77: compiz-ubuntu                  -> Compiz compositing window manager
78: unity                          -> A desktop experience designed for efficiency

* Optional packages
  - overlay-scrollbar              => For GNOME/Unity users who want a space saving scrollbar

All of PKGBUILD's were checked by namcap for consistency. The binary packages have not been checked yet.


* Global menus aren't working when logging in with KDM (KDE display manager).

    This happens because previous versions of KDM weren't patched to source the
    /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ directory. This is fixed in kdebase-workspace
    version 4.7.2-1, but requires the KDM configuration files to be regenerated
    (resetting all KDM configuration options). To regenerate the configuration
    files, run as root

      # rm -rvf /usr/share/config/kdm
      # genkdmconf

* AHH! Something is wrong with Unity!

    Try resetting the settings for Unity and Compiz and relogin:

      $ compiz.reset
      $ rm -rvf ~/.cache/unity/
      $ rm -vf ~/.cache/unity-lens-video

    If something is still wrong, please file a bug report at either:


* qt-ubuntu does not build.

    Temporary remove the qtwebkit package (ignoring dependencies) by running:

      $ pacman -Rdd qtwebkit

    After the build, qtwebkit can be installed again.

* The global menu does not show up for Qt applications.

    Just install appmenu-qt :)

* System Settings (gnome-control-center) does not open.

    Just add the following line to ~/.xprofile and then log out and log back in
    (thanks to phinux!):

      export MALLOC_CHECK_=1
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