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BGP peering with Quagga and ExaBGP
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BGP Peer Demo

This is a rough example of setting up BGP peering using Quagga and ExaBGP. I also tried using GIXLG, primarily as a way to test if ExaBGP was processing received routes.

I barely know anything about BGP so if you see something crazy here, please let me know.

So far I have 2 hosts that establish a connection and Quagga appears to be able to send routes to ExaBGP (though I don't know what it does with them). ExaBGP can send routes to Quagga, but I can't tell that Quagga notices or cares.


Set up 2 Debian VMs. I used VirtualBox with the Bridged Adapter with the following IPs:

  • Quagga:
  • ExaBGP:

Run the ansible playbook:

ansible-playbook -i hosts --user --ask-pass site.yml

Run exabgp on

exabgp -d /opt/gixlg/exabgp/sample.conf

From a separate terminal on you can view the connection status or announce a route:

exabgpcli show neighbor summary
exabgpcli announce route next-hop


debian# configure terminal
debian(config)# router bgp 65321
debian(config-router)# network
debian(config-router)# exit
debian(config)# exit
debian# write
debian# exit

This route should be announced to ExaBGP.

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