Useful if you run Transmission Bittorrent Client on a remote server
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Based on Remote Transmission.

version 0.9.6
- magnet downloading fixed

version 0.9.5
- fix extension build
- YUI compressor for js

version 0.9.3
- fix filter clear
- fix display downloading items in list

version 0.9.2
- fix download list for one item
- better scrolling in popup

version 0.9.0
- rename to Remote Transmission Plus
- fix filter value if not saved in local storage
- fix popup updating on filter change
- try to support non ascii paths in popup
- full file path fixed in popup
- initial support for selecting files to download

Original file below:

Useful if you run Transmission Bittorrent Client on a remote server (LAN or across the Internet).

  * Click a torrent link to download it using a remote Transmission client
    - click on most torrent links to automatically send it to Transmission
    - right-click any link to send to Transmission
    - custom download directories
    - browser icon notification badges: add, dup, fail
    - hold down ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT to download the torrent file locally

  * Remote Control
    - notifications when a torrent download completes
    - filter by name and status
    - pause and resume torrents
    - remove torrents (double-click) with data (CTRL + double-click)
    - toggle turtle mode

version 0.9.8
  - improved compatibility with more torrent sites

version 0.9.7
  - added global torrent stats to the popup
  - more fixes to the download location popup

version 0.9.6
  - fixed bug with new torrents being added to the bottom of the list

version 0.9.5
  - slight updates to make the download location popup more consistent
  - fixed the download location popup always showing on some sites
  - code optimizations to the popup list
  - code optimizations to the options page

version 0.9.4
  - fixed minor rare graphical issue with some installations of linux
  - cleaned up css for popup

version 0.9.3
  - notifications will no longer show up for seeding torrents
  - you can now edit the label and directory of custom download directories

version 0.9.2
  - small fix with enabling and disabling notifications

version 0.9.1
  - notifications now disappear after 30 seconds

version 0.9.0
  - added right-click menu item to send any link to transmission
  - added notifications when torrents finish
  - added a keep-alive function
  - setting the path in the url string to blank will now work correctly
  - fixed issue when having multiple torrents verifying data
  - verifying local data now graphically shows progress
  - fixed completed date glitch when verifying re-added torrents
  - improved compatibility with more torrent sites
  - a lot of changes under the hood in anticipation for future chrome api's
  - more changes to make the download popup look more uniform across sites
  - code optimizations