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+# GNOME Desktop Programming
+GNOME Desktop Programming is a book for those that want to write software for
+Linux and GNOME in particular. It targets the C programming language but may
+someday include other languages based on its popularity.
+Feel free to fork this book and start on chapters yourself if you feel
+competent in a particular subject. The book has an outline for what I would
+like to cover.
+## Audience
+The audience for this book are people who have a basic knowledge of the C
+programming language and are interested in Linux, GNOME, and writing quality
+software. If you do not feel you are competent in C, I suggest you join GNOME
+University to work on that aspect first. GNOME University started as part of
+this book, but I soon learned it would grow out of scope.
+## Topics
+GNOME Desktop Programming will cover the things that are most important to
+those who want to read it. If you would like to suggest a topic or work on one,
+fork and add it or submit an issue on github.
+ * GLib Essentials
+ * OO with GObject
+ * GTK user interfaces
+ * Clutter
+ * Clutter with GTK
+ * GStreamer
+ * GStreamer with GTK
+ * GStreamer with Clutter
+ * Networking
+ * Application Settings
+ * IPC with D-BUS
+ * Desktop Integration (Launchers, etc)
+ * Building packages for distrobution
+ * Autotools essentials

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