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glib: Add g_get_real_time() blurb.

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1 parent 8f47608 commit fa820e8b651e1c9a8ca6e50d9d0f482392225745 @chergert committed
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11 tex/glib_datetime.tex
@@ -53,6 +53,10 @@ \section{GTimeVal}
+If you find working with a \verb|GTimeVal| too inconvenient you can also use the function \verb|g_get_real_time()|.
+It will fetch the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch as a \verb|gint64|.
+This is a much better choice if you just need to perform arithmetic on the \verb|tv_sec| field of a \verb|GTimeVal|.
@@ -188,10 +192,3 @@ \section{Monotonic Time}
gint64 now = g_get_monotonic_time();
-\item \verb|g_usleep()|
-\item \verb|g_get_real_time()|

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