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GNOME Desktop Programming

This repository contains the source for a book I am in the process of writing. It is targeted at those that want to become developers for the GNOME platform but are unsure of how to go about doing that.

The target language is C, as that will get you the most distance for your effort. Eventually, other books could cover the same topics but for other programming languages.

I intend for this book to evolve with the platform. I would like it to be a resource that could be shipped with a GNOME OS installation DVD someday.

-- Christian

Building the Book

You will need the "pdflatex" binary in your path. Sometimes, this is in a "tex-live" package. You will also need the pygments python package installed. If your system does not have it packaged, try easy_install pygments.

If you are using Fedora, yum install texlive-latex python-pygments should do the trick.

Contributing to the Book

The outline of the book is an ever work-in-progress. However, if there is a topic in the book that you think you have a good grasp of, go ahead and fork the repository and start adding it!

I will edit your content for you and make the language fit with the voice of the rest of the book.

If you would like to fix my errors, grammar, or logic mistakes, that is great too!