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Changes from the last beta on January:

Added improved Spectrum 16/48/+ colour palette
Added setting to add a watermark on the display
Added setting to reduce display to a factor of 0.75. Used on RunZX event
Added TSConf DMA emulation, line interrupt, sprites layers
Added ZX Recreated keyboard support for Linux, Mac and Windows
Improved frameskip: now realvideo buffer is not updated when frameskip
Improved ZRCP: run command is stopped by default when pressing a key (or sending data to the socket)
Improved TSConf rendering: now tiles and sprites are drawn per scanline. Border drawing. Handling of scroll registers
Improved TSConf debugging: debug for DMA, Video registers, Video layers, Sprites, Tiles
Improved text mode drivers (aalib, stdout, simpletext, curses): text settings are in different submenu, setting to set stdout/simpletext fps
Improved smartload: now the cursor remembers last file loaded
Improved sprite viewer:
*now can see sprites with speccy screen format
*you can view sprites up to 512x192
*you can see tsconf sprites
Improved configuration parsing: if unknown setting found on configuration file, ZEsarUX will open but warns about the error, and the autosave feature is not enabled
Improved TBBlue emulation: Added clip window registers
Improved rendering on text mode drivers: now realvideo mode can render directly to black&white text. Try TSConf with --vo stdout --realvideo --autoredrawstdout
Improved Linux library dependencies: libssl is not enabled by default on compilation
Fixed some crashes with speech enabled and opening some menus: AY Registers, AY Player, etc...
Fixed annoying sound on Dandanator rom menu

You can see the full changelog here: