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Cherokee Benchmark FAQ
- What does this program do?
This tiny application performs very basic HTTP 1.1 benchmarks.
- Why did you write it?
The Apache Benchmark (ab) is the de-facto standard for this sort of
quick benchmarks. However it lacks support for some of the most
basic and widespread HTTP features, such as Chunked-encoding.
Basically, the problem is that ab doesn't support HTTP 1.1.
- Why C?
At the beginning I wrote this application in Python, but then I
realized that the current Python (2.6) threading support didn't
allow the application to scale as it should. Therefore, I had to
rewrite it in C.
- Compilation and Dependencies
It depends on Pthread, libcurl and libcherokee-base. Why? Well, just
because it was the most convenient way for me to get it working in a
couple of hours (so we could continue performing the benchmarks we
were working on).
- What's the future of this application?
I have no idea. Right now it's the best tool I know for performing
quick benchmarks on HTTP/1.1. As long as we use it for our tests it
ought to be fairly well supported.
Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>, Aug 2009.