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Add in FreeBSD stuff
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.gitignore Adds a .gitignore file Implements /cherokee-latest-tarball -- for back-compatibility reasons. Provides a listing of all commmits to all branches in the repository … Adds an Orphan packages widget WIP: Latest version on the front-page WIP Beta Style for mirror list Fixes the visualization of an Ohloh widget. Removes a couple of references to the missing /overview.html page. Adds a GitHub icon to the /community.html page. WIP: 'Report of Issues' Adds an Orphan packages widget Bugfix: Fixes a broken regex fix other commit Downloads Index Page improvements. (re)Implements the /install resource A sidebar is not needed in the Forum page. git commit fix typos WIP Cherokee Web WIP: Marketing page Marks the page as cacheable Adds a legacy page for screencasts. There were places of the totally squelch the bad pickle error message to avoid polluting logs
cherokee.conf Fixes a couple of issues in the example conf Changes a path of the example conf file Add a Twitter widget Adds a new mirror in Spain. Thanks to ComunidadHosting for setting it Imports a missing module. Adds an additional parameter so SCGI port can be defined from the
theme.html Adds /robots.txt and /humans.txt files


How to test it [for developers]
1.- Run:
  ./ /path/to/CTK

2.- Browse:

For instance:
  ./ ~/prog/cherokee/admin/CTK
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