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* Cherokee 1.0.21b
Cookbook: Global redirections
Redirections are essential on any modern web server, not only to
display pretty URLs, but also to address usability and SEO issues.
A common scenario is that of a virtual server being accessible both
with and without the `www` prefix. It is customary to have both, but
it is also a good idea to have only one of them as main entry point to
a website, so that the number of web hits isn't incorrectly halved
when anlaysing web traffic.
This can be done on a per-virtual-server basis, but it can be a
cumbersome task if we're dealing with a huge amount of virtual
Of course, Cherokee alows a much more practical approach, and setting
up only one rule to handle all redirects is painless and
straightforward. Matches can be performed against the host name, the
actual request, or both, so the mechanism is quite flexible.
Configure a www redirect for every (sub)domain name, where requests of
the form must be redirected to
. Create a new virtual server that uses "Regular Expressions" in the "Host Match"
. Add a regular expression to match the host names: www\.(.+)$
. In the same virtual server, set a "Redirection" handler as the Default rule.
. In the handler, add a new RegEx entry defined as follows:
|Field |Value
|Show |External
|Regular Expression |/(.*)$
|Substitution |http://^1/$1
.Match parameters
| `^1,^2,^3,..` | These are substituted by the host name match.
| `$1,$2,$3,..` | These are substituted by either the handler match (if any) or its own match groups.
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