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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Cherokee-admin
# Authors:
# Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>
# Copyright (C) 2001-2011 Alvaro Lopez Ortega
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
# 02110-1301, USA.
import CTK
import Page
import Cherokee
import SelectionPanel
import validations
import Wizard
from CTK.Tab import HEADER as Tab_HEADER
from CTK.Submitter import HEADER as Submit_HEADER
from CTK.TextField import HEADER as TextField_HEADER
from CTK.SortableList import HEADER as SortableList_HEADER
from util import *
from consts import *
from CTK.util import *
from CTK.consts import *
from configured import *
URL_BASE = r'/vserver'
URL_APPLY = r'/vserver/apply'
URL_NEW_MANUAL = r'/vserver/new/manual'
HELPS = [('config_virtual_servers', N_("Virtual Servers"))]
NOTE_DELETE_DIALOG = N_('<p>You are about to delete the <b>%(nick_esc)s</b> Virtual Server.</p><p>Are you sure you want to proceed?</p>')
NOTE_CLONE_DIALOG = N_('You are about to clone a Virtual Server. Would you like to proceed?')
NOTE_NEW_NICK = N_('Name of the Virtual Server you are about to create. A domain name is alright.')
NOTE_NEW_DROOT = N_('Document Root directory of the new Virtual Server.')
('tmp!new_droot', validations.is_dev_null_or_local_dir_exists),
('tmp!new_nick', validations.is_new_vserver_nick)
JS_CLONE = """
var panel = $('.selection-panel:first').data('selectionpanel').get_selected();
var url = panel.find('.row_content').attr('url');
$.ajax ({type: 'GET', async: false, url: url+'/clone', success: function(data) {
// A transaction took place
$('.panel-buttons').trigger ('submit_success');
var vserver = window.location.pathname.match (/^\/vserver\/(\d+)\/?$/)[1];
$.cookie ('%(cookie_name)s', vserver, { path: '/vserver' });
window.location.replace ('%(url_base)s'+window.location.hash);
def Commit():
# New Virtual Server
new_nick ='tmp!new_nick')
new_droot ='tmp!new_droot')
if new_nick and new_droot:
next = CTK.cfg.get_next_entry_prefix ('vserver')
CTK.cfg['%s!nick' %(next)] = new_nick
CTK.cfg['%s!document_root' %(next)] = new_droot
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!1!match' %(next)] = 'default'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!1!handler' %(next)] = 'common'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!2!match' %(next)] = 'directory'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!2!match!directory' %(next)] = '/icons'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!2!handler' %(next)] = 'file'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!2!document_root' %(next)] = CHEROKEE_ICONSDIR
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!3!match' %(next)] = 'directory'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!3!match!directory' %(next)] = '/cherokee_themes'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!3!handler' %(next)] = 'file'
CTK.cfg['%s!rule!3!document_root' %(next)] = CHEROKEE_THEMEDIR
return CTK.cfg_reply_ajax_ok()
# Modifications
return CTK.cfg_apply_post()
def reorder (arg):
# Process new list
order =
tmp = order.split(',')
# Build and alternative tree
num = 10
for v in tmp:
CTK.cfg.clone ('vserver!%s'%(v), 'tmp!vserver!%d'%(num))
num += 10
# Set the new list in place
del (CTK.cfg['vserver'])
CTK.cfg.rename ('tmp!vserver', 'vserver')
return CTK.cfg_reply_ajax_ok()
def NewManual():
table = CTK.PropsTable()
table.Add (_('Nick'), CTK.TextCfg ('tmp!new_nick', False, {'class': 'noauto'}), _(NOTE_NEW_NICK))
table.Add (_('Document Root'), CTK.TextCfg ('tmp!new_droot', False, {'class': 'noauto'}), _(NOTE_NEW_DROOT))
submit = CTK.Submitter (URL_APPLY)
submit += table
box = CTK.Box({'class': 'vserver-new-box'})
box += CTK.RawHTML ('<h2>%s</h2>' %(_('Manual')))
box += submit
return box.Render().toJSON()
class VirtualServerNew (CTK.Container):
def __init__ (self):
CTK.Container.__init__ (self)
# Build the panel list
right_box = CTK.Box({'class': 'vserver_new_content'})
panel = SelectionPanel.SelectionPanel (None,, URL_BASE, '', draggable=False, cookie_name='new_vsrv_selected')
self += panel
self += right_box
# Special 1st: Manual
content = [CTK.Box({'class': 'title'}, CTK.RawHTML(_('Manual'))),
CTK.Box({'class': 'description'}, CTK.RawHTML(_('Manual configuration')))]
panel.Add ('manual', URL_NEW_MANUAL, content, draggable=False)
# Wizard Categories
wizards2_path = os.path.realpath (__file__ + "/../wizards2")
if os.path.exists (wizards2_path):
# Wizards 2.0
import wizards2
categories = wizards2.Categories.get()
for cat in categories:
url_pre = '%s/%s' %(wizards2.Categories.URL_CAT_LIST_VSRV, categories.index(cat))
content = [CTK.Box({'class': 'title'}, CTK.RawHTML(_(cat)))]
panel.Add (cat.replace(' ','_'), url_pre, content, draggable=False)
# Wizards 1.0
for cat in Wizard.Categories (Wizard.TYPE_VSERVER):
url_pre = '%s/%s' %(Wizard.URL_CAT_LIST_VSRV, cat['name'])
title, descr = cat['title'], cat['descr']
content = [CTK.Box({'class': 'title'}, CTK.RawHTML(_(title))),
CTK.Box({'class': 'description'}, CTK.RawHTML(_(descr)))]
panel.Add (cat['name'], url_pre, content, draggable=False)
class Render:
class PanelList (CTK.Container):
def __init__ (self, refresh, right_box):
CTK.Container.__init__ (self)
# Sanity check
if not CTK.cfg.keys('vserver'):
CTK.cfg['vserver!1!nick'] = 'default'
CTK.cfg['vserver!1!document_root'] = '/tmp'
CTK.cfg['vserver!1!rule!1!match'] = 'default'
CTK.cfg['vserver!1!rule!1!handler'] = 'common'
# Helper
entry = lambda klass, key: CTK.Box ({'class': klass}, CTK.RawHTML (CTK.escape_html (CTK.cfg.get_val(key, ''))))
# Build the panel list
panel = SelectionPanel.SelectionPanel (reorder,, URL_BASE, '', container='vservers_panel')
self += panel
# Build the Virtual Server list
vservers = CTK.cfg.keys('vserver')
vservers.sort (lambda x,y: cmp(int(x), int(y)))
for k in vservers:
# Document root widget
droot_str = CTK.cfg.get_val ('vserver!%s!document_root'%(k), '')
# Market install base scenario
if self.__is_market_installation (k, droot_str):
droot_widget = CTK.Box ({'class': 'droot'}, CTK.RawHTML(_('Market installation')))
droot_widget = CTK.Box ({'class': 'droot'}, CTK.RawHTML(CTK.escape_html (droot_str)))
if k == vservers[-1]:
content = [entry('nick', 'vserver!%s!nick'%(k)), droot_widget]
panel.Add (k, '/vserver/content/%s'%(k), content, draggable=False)
nick = CTK.cfg.get_val ('vserver!%s!nick'%(k), _('Unknown'))
nick_esc = CTK.escape_html (nick)
# Remove
dialog = CTK.Dialog ({'title': _('Do you really want to remove it?'), 'width': 480})
dialog.AddButton (_('Cancel'), "close")
dialog.AddButton (_('Remove'), CTK.JS.Ajax (URL_APPLY, async=True,
data = {'vserver!%s'%(k):''},
success = dialog.JS_to_close() + \
dialog += CTK.RawHTML (_(NOTE_DELETE_DIALOG) %(locals()))
self += dialog
remove = CTK.ImageStock('del')
remove.bind ('click', dialog.JS_to_show() + "return false;")
# Disable
is_disabled = bool (int (CTK.cfg.get_val('vserver!%s!disabled'%(k), "0")))
disclass = ('','vserver-inactive')[is_disabled][:]
disabled = CTK.ToggleButtonOnOff (not is_disabled)
disabled.bind ('changed',
CTK.JS.Ajax (URL_APPLY, async=True,
data = '{"vserver!%s!disabled": event.value}'%(k)))
disabled.bind ('changed',
# Actions
group = CTK.Box ({'class': 'sel-actions'}, [disabled, remove])
content = [group]
content += [entry('nick', 'vserver!%s!nick'%(k)), droot_widget]
# List entry
panel.Add (k, '/vserver/content/%s'%(k), content, True, disclass)
def __is_market_installation (self, k, droot_str):
# Market install base scenario
if droot_str.startswith (CHEROKEE_OWS_ROOT):
return True
# Market install with no droot
elif droot_str == '/dev/null':
rules = CTK.cfg['vserver!%s!rule'%(k)].keys()
for rule_num in rules:
src_num = CTK.cfg.get_val ('vserver!%s!rule!%s!handler!balancer!source!1' %(k,rule_num), '')
src_int = CTK.cfg.get_val ('source!%s!interpreter'%(src_num), '')
if CHEROKEE_OWS_ROOT in src_int:
return True
return False
class PanelButtons (CTK.Box):
def __init__ (self):
CTK.Box.__init__ (self, {'class': 'panel-buttons'})
# Add New
dialog = CTK.Dialog ({'title': _('Add New Virtual Server'), 'width': 720}) = 'dialog-new-vserver'
dialog.AddButton (_('Cancel'), "close")
dialog.AddButton (_('Add'), dialog.JS_to_trigger('submit'))
dialog += VirtualServerNew()
druid = CTK.Druid (CTK.RefreshableURL())
wizard = CTK.Dialog ({'title': _('Virtual Server Configuration Assistant'), 'width': 550})
wizard += druid
druid.bind ('druid_exiting',
wizard.JS_to_close() +
button = CTK.Button('<img src="/static/images/panel-new.png" />', {'id': 'vserver-new-button', 'class': 'panel-button', 'title': _('Add New Virtual Server')})
button.bind ('click',
dialog.bind ('submit_success', dialog.JS_to_close())
dialog.bind ('submit_success', self.JS_to_trigger('submit_success'))
dialog.bind ('open_wizard',
dialog.JS_to_close() +
druid.JS_to_goto("'/wizard/vserver/' + event.wizard") +
self += button
self += dialog
self += wizard
# Clone
dialog = CTK.Dialog ({'title': _('Clone Virtual Server'), 'width': 480})
dialog.AddButton (_('Cancel'), "close")
dialog.AddButton (_('Clone'), JS_CLONE + dialog.JS_to_close())
dialog += CTK.RawHTML ('<p>%s</p>' %(_(NOTE_CLONE_DIALOG)))
button = CTK.Button('<img src="/static/images/panel-clone.png" />', {'id': 'vserver-clone-button', 'class': 'panel-button', 'title': _('Clone Selected Virtual Server')})
button.bind ('click', dialog.JS_to_show())
self += dialog
self += button
def __call__ (self):
title = _('Virtual Servers')
# Virtual Server List
left = CTK.Box({'class': 'panel'})
left += CTK.RawHTML('<h2>%s</h2>'%(title))
# Content
refresh_r = CTK.Refreshable ({'id': 'vservers_panel'})
refresh_r.register (lambda: self.PanelList(refresh_r, right).Render())
# Refresh on 'New' or 'Clone'
buttons = self.PanelButtons()
buttons.bind ('submit_success',
refresh_r.JS_to_refresh (on_success=JS_ACTIVATE_FIRST %(
left += buttons
left += CTK.Box({'class': 'filterbox'}, CTK.TextField({'class':'filter', 'optional_string': _('Virtual Server Filtering'), 'optional': True}))
right = CTK.Box({'class': 'vserver_content'})
left += refresh_r
# Refresh the list whenever the content change
right.bind ('submit_success', refresh_r.JS_to_refresh());
# Refresh the list when it's been reordered
left.bind ('reordered', refresh_r.JS_to_refresh())
# Figure out content panel headers. This step is very tricky.
# We have no idea what HTML headers the content HTML will
# have. In fact, the panel content is receiving only the HTML
# content only (body).
# The static CHILD_HEADERS class property will hold a copy of
# the headers generated by the direct render of the PageVServer
# class. It should cover most of the cases, unless a dynamically
# loaded module requires an additional header entry.
if not self.CHILD_HEADERS:
import PageVServer
vsrv_num = CTK.cfg.keys('vserver')[0]
render = PageVServer.RenderContent(vsrv_num).Render()
self.CHILD_HEADERS = render.headers
# Build the page
page = Page.Base(title, body_id='vservers', helps=HELPS, headers=self.CHILD_HEADERS)
page += left
page += right
return page.Render()
class RenderParticular:
def __call__ (self):
headers = SelectionPanel.HEADER
page = CTK.Page(headers=headers)
props = {'url_base': URL_BASE,
'cookie_name': SelectionPanel.COOKIE_NAME_DEFAULT}
page += CTK.RawHTML (js=JS_PARTICULAR %(props))
return page.Render()
CTK.publish (r'^%s$' %(URL_BASE), Render)
CTK.publish (r'^%s/\d+$'%(URL_BASE), RenderParticular)
CTK.publish (r'^%s$' %(URL_NEW_MANUAL), NewManual, method="POST", validation=VALIDATIONS)
CTK.publish (r'^%s' %(URL_APPLY), Commit, method="POST", validation=VALIDATIONS)
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