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from base import *
NICK = "test-2920"
MAX_AGE = 123456
CONF = """
vserver!2920!nick = %(NICK)s
vserver!2920!document_root = %(droot)s
vserver!2920!hsts = 1
vserver!2920!hsts!max_age = %(MAX_AGE)s
vserver!2920!rule!1!match = default
vserver!2920!rule!1!handler = dirlist
# 6.2. HTTP Request Type
# If a HSTS Host receives a HTTP request message over a non-secure
# transport, it SHOULD send a HTTP response message containing a
# Status-Code of 301 and a Location header field value containing
# either the HTTP request's original Effective Request URI (see
# Section 12 "Constructing an Effective Request URI", below) altered as
# necessary to have a URI scheme of "https", or a URI generated
# according to local policy (which SHOULD employ a URI scheme of
# "https").
class Test (TestBase):
def __init__ (self):
TestBase.__init__ (self, __file__) = "HSTS: Error code and Header"
self.request = "HTTP / HTTP/1.0\r\n" + \
"Host: %s\r\n" %(NICK)
self.expected_error = 301
self.expected_content = ["https://"]
def Prepare (self, www):
droot = self.Mkdir (www, "%s_droot"%(NICK))
vars = globals()
self.conf = CONF %(vars)
def Precondition (self):
return not self.is_ssl
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