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Validator: Plain
The plain validator uses a flat-file to authenticate users.
Each line defines a user. The username and password are delimited by a ``:``
|Parameter |Description
|__passwdfile__ |Required. The location of the user/pass file.
The parameter that specifies the file containing the pairs
'user:password' is mandatory. `Plain` authentication can use both
`Basic` and `Digest` schemes.
You can and should place the password file outside the web tree to
prevent remote users from accessing the list.
.Security tab
image::media/images/admin_validators_plain.png[Validator Plain]
This could be the contents of the the file `/var/www/passwd` specified
in this example:
This would only allow access to the users `cherokee` and `testuser`.
This validator is compatible with both **basic** and **digest** schemes.
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