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Cherokee QA test suit
Usage: %s [parameters] [tests]
-h Print this help
-c Do NOT clean temporal files
-k Do NOT kill the server after the tests
-q Quiet mode
-s Use SSL
-x Run under Strace/Dtruss
-b Run server as nobody
-l Run server with a log file
-a Randomize tests
-n<NUM> Repetitions
-p<NUM> Server port
-r<NUM> Starting delay (secs)
-t<NUM> Client threads number
-T<NUM> Server threads number
-j<FLOAT> Delay between tests (secs)
-d<NUM> Number of pauses
-D<NUM> Pause before executing test NUM
-e<PATH> Path to the binary of the server
-m<STRING> HTTP method name for the requests
-v<STRING> Run under Valgrind, string=['', 'hel', 'cac', 'cal']
-P<STRING> Proxy address: host:ip[:public_ip]
Report bugs to
def help_print_parameters():
from sys import argv
print HELP_PRINT_PARAMETERS % (argv[0])
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