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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:basics.html[Getting started] -> link:basics_installation.html[Installation]
Last checked: 2011/02/16 Cherokee 1.0.21b
Easy installation
The easiest way to install Cherokee is by using the script provided
for easy installations. It compiles and installs the latest version of
the server with a single command:
wget && python install
curl -LO && python install
The easy installation script is the express way to make a Cherokee
installation as seamless and hassle-free as possible. It will build
and install everything under `/opt/cherokee`, and by deleting that
directory you could totally purge Cherokee from your system.
If you require further customization, this script is not for you. The
other -more elaborate- link:basics_installation.html[installation
methods] will fulfill your needs. Particularly when there is a
prepackaged version of Cherokee available for your architecture you
should follow that route. That will provide you with automatic bootup
scripts, consistency and dependency checks, and an easy upgrade path
tailored to your system whenever a new package is available.
Development mode
The easy installation script supports several parameters. To see a
full list of parameters, just add the `--help` parameter:
wget && python install --help
The only one really worth mentioning is the one to trigger the
`development mode`:
wget && python install --devel
This will build a bleeding edge release, taking the sources from the
latest development snapshot, enabling traces, and making the
installation under `/opt/cherokee-dev`, so that it can coexist with a
regular installation.