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Modules: Loggers
Loggers are a type of Cherokee modules unsurprisingly used to log
events. They can be configured on a per virtual server basis through
each virtual server's `Logging` section.
Every `logger` registers information about two types of events, *Accesses*
and *Errors*, in a different format depending on the used `logger`.
The information can be registered by any of the following mechanisms:
* File: write to disk.
* System logger: use the syslog standard.
* Standard Error: write to stderr.
* Execute program: send the log entry to the specified program.
The format of the output and fields that actually are logged are
solely determined by the logger chosen. Cherokee currently supports
the following loggers:
* link:modules_loggers_combined.html[Combined]: Apache compatible. *Recommended*.
* link:modules_loggers_custom.html[Custom]: Customizable format.
* link:modules_loggers_ncsa.html[NCSA]: NCSA style.
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