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== link:index.html[Index] -> Cookbook
. link:cookbook_authentication.html[Authentication]: How to set up authenticated resources.
. link:cookbook_cross_compilation.html[Cross compilation]: How to cross compile Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_dbslayer.html[DBSlayer]: How to set up DBSlayer MySQL balancing.
. link:cookbook_embedding_cherokee.html[Embedding Cherokee]: Cherokee on embedded devices.
. link:cookbook_maintenance.html[Maintenance]: Seamlessly switching to maintenance mode.
. link:cookbook_managing_logs.html[Managing logs]: Seamless log rotation.
. link:cookbook_optimizations.html[Optimizing Cherokee]: Recommendations and tweaks.
. link:cookbook_redirs.html[Redirections]: Common redirection examples.
. link:cookbook_ssl.html[SSL/TLS, certs]: Secure connection tips.
. link:cookbook_https_accelerator.html[HTTPS accelerator]: SSL Offloading with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_streaming.html[Streaming]: How to stream Audio and Video with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_php.html[PHP]: How to run PHP apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_ror.html[Ruby on Rails]: How to run Ruby on Rails apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_django.html[Django]: How to run Django apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_coldfusion.html[ColdFusion]: How to run ColdFusion apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_drupal.html[Drupal]: How to run Drupal on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_wordpress.html[Wordpress]: How to run Wordpress on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_alfresco.html[Alfresco]: How to run Alfresco on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_mono.html[ASP.NET]: How to run ASP.NET apps with Mono and Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_glassfish.html[GlassFish]: How to run Java apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_joomla.html[Joomla]: How to run Joomla on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_kumbia.html[Kumbia]: How to run Kumbia apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_liferay.html[Liferay]: How to run Liferay on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_mailman.html[Mailman]: How to run Mailman on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_moodle.html[Moodle]: How to run Moodle on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_nagios.html[Nagios]: How to run Nagios with Cheroke.
. link:cookbook_phpbb.html[phpBB]: How to run phpBB on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_phpmyadmin.html[phpMyAdmin]: How to run phpMyAdmin on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_sugarcrm.html[SugarCRM]: How to run SugarCRM on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_concrete5.html[Concrete5]: How to run Concrete5 on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_symfony.html[Symfony]: How to run Symfony apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_trac.html[Trac]: How to run Trac on Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_zend.html[Zend]: How to run Zend apps with Cherokee.
. link:cookbook_uwsgi.html[uWSGI]: Setting up Cherokee for uWSGI.
. link:cookbook_http_to_https.html[HTTP to HTTPS]: How to redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.
. link:cookbook_traffic_restriction.html[Restricting traffic by IP]: How to restrict traffic based on incoming IP.
. link:cookbook_domain_matching.html[Domain matching]: Matching domains and subdomains with Cherokee.
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