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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:modules.html[Modules] -> link:modules_handlers.html[Handlers]
Handler: List & Send
The **List & Send** (``common`` internally) handler behavior depends
on whether it replies a request for a directory or a file.
In case a directory is requested, it will use the
link:modules_handlers_dirlist.html[Listing Only] handler in order to
list its contents. And, in case a file is request, it will use the
link:modules_handlers_file.html[File Sending] handler.
|Parameters |Type |Description
|`allow_pathinfo` |boolean |Makes the handler to stop parsing the
pathinfo string. Default: `Disabled`.
|`allow_dirlist` |boolean |Enables showing the contents of a
Besides, it inherits all the parameters from the
link:modules_handlers_file.html[file/Static Content] and
link:modules_handlers_dirlist.html[dirlist/Only listing] handlers.
This example shows the practical effect of **pathinfo**::
$ echo "This is a test" > /tmp/1/2/test
$ curl http://localhost/1/2/test
This is a test
$ curl http://localhost/1/2/test/this/is/pathinfo
This is a test
$ curl -D - http://localhost/1/2/ | grep HTTP
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Here is a basic example.
.Sample configuration
|Field |Value
|Handler | `Only listing`
|Document Root | None
|Show Size | Enabled
|Show Date | Enabled
|Show User | Disabled
|Show Group | Disabled
|Show Backup files | Disabled
|Show Hidden files | Disabled
|Allow symbolic links | Enabled
|Redirect symbolic links | Disabled
|Theme | `default`
.Configuration screenshot
image::media/images/admin_handler_dirlist.png[Dirlist configuration]
.Actual output
image::media/images/admin_handler_dirlist_ex.png[Dirlist example]
This is the behavior inherited from the
link:modules_handlers_dirlist.html[dirlist/Only listing] handler.
Simply enable the desired file attributes to be shown under `Listing`,
and choose the HTML template to use (`default` -with the Cherokee logo-,
`plain` -a fixed width theme- and `firefox3`).
You can also include a `Notice file` to show its contents on top of
every automatically generated list.
Of course, the lists are sortable by any of the displayed attributes.
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