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import os
from base import *
DIR = "/299-MethodsRequestBodyHandling/"
MAGIC = "Report bugs to"
PORT = get_free_port()
PYTHON = look_for_python()
SOURCE = get_next_source()
'required': [
'optional': [
CONF = """
vserver!1!rule!2990!match = directory
vserver!1!rule!2990!match!directory = %(DIR)s
vserver!1!rule!2990!handler = fcgi
vserver!1!rule!2990!handler!check_file = 0
vserver!1!rule!2990!handler!balancer = round_robin
vserver!1!rule!2990!handler!balancer!source!1 = %(SOURCE)d
source!%(SOURCE)d!type = interpreter
source!%(SOURCE)d!host = localhost:%(PORT)d
source!%(SOURCE)d!interpreter = %(PYTHON)s %(fcgi_file)s
SCRIPT = """
from fcgi import *
def app (environ, start_response):
start_response('200 OK', [("Content-Type", "text/plain")])
response = "Method: %%s\\n" %% environ['REQUEST_METHOD']
if 'CONTENT_LENGTH' in environ:
request_body_size = int(environ.get('CONTENT_LENGTH', 0))
request_body = environ['wsgi.input'].read(request_body_size)
response += "Body: %%s\\n" %% request_body
return [response]
WSGIServer(app, bindAddress=("localhost",%d)).run()
""" % (PORT)
class TestEntry (TestBase):
"""Test for HTTP methods with required and optional request bodies being
received and processed correctly by Cherokee.
def __init__ (self, method, send_input, input_required):
TestBase.__init__ (self, __file__)
self.request = "%s %s HTTP/1.0\r\n" % (method, DIR) +\
"Content-type: text/xml\r\n"
self.expected_content = []
if input_required and not send_input:
self.expected_error = 411
self.expected_error = 200
self.expected_content.append("Method: %s" % method)
if send_input:
self.request += "Content-length: %d\r\n" % (len(MAGIC)) = MAGIC
self.expected_content.append("Body: %s" % MAGIC)
self.forbidden_content = 'Body:'
class Test (TestCollection):
def __init__ (self):
TestCollection.__init__ (self, __file__) = "Method Request Body Handling"
def Prepare (self, www):
fcgi_file = self.WriteFile (www, "fcgi_test_methods.cgi", 0444, SCRIPT)
fcgi = os.path.join (www, '')
if not os.path.exists (fcgi):
self.CopyFile ('', fcgi)
vars = globals()
vars['fcgi_file'] = fcgi_file
self.conf = CONF % (vars)
def JustBefore (self, www):
# Create sub-request objects
self.Empty ()
# Create all tests with different methods - all methods
# should only work with request bodies. With no request
# body a 411 Length Required should result.
for method in METHODS['required']:
self.Add (TestEntry (method=method,
self.Add (TestEntry (method=method,
# Create all tests with different methods - all methods
# should work with and without request bodies.
for method in METHODS['optional']:
#Test method when for when sending a request body
self.Add (TestEntry (method=method,
#Test method when not sending a request body
self.Add (TestEntry (method=method,
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