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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Cherokee-admin
# Authors:
# Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>
# Copyright (C) 2001-2011 Alvaro Lopez Ortega
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
# 02110-1301, USA.
import os
import sys
import glob
import socket
import subprocess
import CTK
# Deal with os.popen and subprocess issues in Python 2.4
def run (command, stdout=True, stderr=False, retcode=False):
returns = 0
args = {'shell': True, 'close_fds': True}
if stdout:
args['stdout'] = subprocess.PIPE
returns += 1
if stderr:
args['stderr'] = subprocess.PIPE
returns += 1
if retcode:
returns += 1
p = subprocess.Popen (command, **args)
if stdout:
stdout_output =
if stderr:
stderr_output =
if stdout:
if stderr:
ret = p.poll()
if returns > 1:
d = {}
if stdout:
d['stdout'] = stdout_output
if stderr:
d['stderr'] = stderr_output
if retcode:
d['retcode'] = ret
return d
if stdout:
return stdout_output
elif stderr:
return stderr_output
elif retcode:
return ret
assert False, "Should not happened"
# Strings
def bool_to_active (b):
return (_('Inactive'), _('Active'))[bool(b)]
def bool_to_onoff (b):
return (_('Off'), _('On'))[bool(b)]
def bool_to_yesno (b):
return (_('No'), _('Yes'))[bool(b)]
def trans_options (options):
"""Translate the options with gettext"""
return [(x[0], _(x[1])) for x in options]
# Virtual Server
def cfg_vsrv_get_next():
""" Get the prefix of the next vserver """
tmp = [int(x) for x in CTK.cfg.keys("vserver")]
next = str(tmp[-1] + 10)
return "vserver!%s" % (next)
def cfg_vsrv_rule_get_next (pre):
""" Get the prefix of the next rule of a vserver """
tmp = [int(x) for x in CTK.cfg.keys("%s!rule"%(pre))]
if tmp:
next = tmp[-1] + 100
next = 100
return (next, "%s!rule!%d" % (pre, next))
def cfg_vsrv_rule_find_extension (pre, extension):
"""Find an extension rule in a virtual server """
for r in CTK.cfg.keys("%s!rule"%(pre)):
p = "%s!rule!%s" % (pre, r)
if CTK.cfg.get_val ("%s!match"%(p)) == "extensions":
if extension in CTK.cfg.get_val ("%s!match!extensions"%(p)):
return p
def cfg_vsrv_rule_find_regexp (pre, regexp):
"""Find a regular expresion rule in a virtual server """
for r in CTK.cfg.keys("%s!rule"%(pre)):
p = "%s!rule!%s" % (pre, r)
if CTK.cfg.get_val ("%s!match"%(p)) == "request":
if regexp == CTK.cfg.get_val ("%s!match!request"%(p)):
return p
# Information Sources
def cfg_source_get_next ():
tmp = [int(x) for x in CTK.cfg.keys("source")]
if not tmp:
return (1, "source!1")
next = tmp[-1] + 10
return (next, "source!%d" % (next))
def cfg_source_find_interpreter (in_interpreter = None,
in_nick = None):
for i in CTK.cfg.keys("source"):
if CTK.cfg.get_val("source!%s!type"%(i)) != 'interpreter':
if (in_interpreter and
in_interpreter in CTK.cfg.get_val("source!%s!interpreter"%(i), '')):
return "source!%s" % (i)
if (in_nick and
in_nick in CTK.cfg.get_val("source!%s!nick"%(i), '')):
return "source!%s" % (i)
def cfg_source_find_empty_port (n_ports=1):
ports = []
for i in CTK.cfg.keys("source"):
host = CTK.cfg.get_val ("source!%s!host"%(i))
if not host: continue
colon = host.rfind(':')
if colon < 0: continue
port = int (host[colon+1:])
if port < 1024: continue
ports.append (port)
pport = 1025
while pport+n_ports < 65535:
pports = range(pport, pport + n_ports)
for x in pports:
if x in ports:
pport += 1
return pport
assert (False)
def cfg_source_find_free_port (host_name='localhost'):
"""Return a port not currently running anything"""
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.bind((host_name, 0))
addr, port = s.getsockname()
return port
def cfg_source_get_localhost_addr ():
x, x, addrs = socket.gethostbyname_ex('localhost')
if addrs:
return addrs[0]
return None
def cfg_get_surrounding_repls (macro, value, n_minus=9, n_plus=9):
replacements = {}
tmp = value.split('!')
pre = '!'.join(tmp[:-1])
num = int(tmp[-1])
for n in range(n_minus):
replacements['%s_minus%d'%(macro,n+1)] = '%s!%d' %(pre, num-(n+1))
for n in range(n_plus):
replacements['%s_plus%d'%(macro,n+1)] = '%s!%d' %(pre, num+(n+1))
return replacements
# Version strings management
def version_to_int (v):
num = 0
tmp = v.split('.')
if len(tmp) >= 3:
num += int(tmp[2]) * (10**3)
if len(tmp) >= 2:
num += int(tmp[1]) * (10**6)
if len(tmp) >= 1:
num += int(tmp[0]) * (10**9)
return num
def version_cmp (x, y):
xp = x.split('b')
yp = y.split('b')
if len(xp) > 1:
x_ver = version_to_int(xp[0])
x_beta = xp[1]
x_ver = version_to_int(xp[0])
x_beta = None
if len(yp) > 1:
y_ver = version_to_int(yp[0])
y_beta = yp[1]
y_ver = version_to_int(yp[0])
y_beta = None
if x_ver == y_ver:
if not x_beta and not y_beta: return 0
if not y_beta: return -1
if not x_beta: return 1
return cmp(int(x_beta),int(y_beta))
elif x_ver > y_ver:
return 1
return -1
# Paths
def path_find_binary (executable, extra_dirs=[], custom_test=None, default=None):
"""Find an executable.
It checks 'extra_dirs' and the PATH.
The 'executable' parameter can be either a string or a list.
assert (type(executable) in [str, list])
# Extra dirs evaluation
dirs = []
for d in extra_dirs:
if '*' in d or '?' in d:
dirs += glob.glob (d)
env_path = os.getenv("PATH")
if env_path:
dirs += filter (lambda x: x, env_path.split(":"))
# Check
if type(executable) != list:
executable = [executable]
for exe in executable:
for dir in dirs:
fp = os.path.join (dir, exe)
if os.path.exists (fp):
if custom_test:
if not custom_test(fp):
return fp
# Not found
return default
def path_find_w_default (path_list, default=''):
"""Find a path.
It checks a list of paths (that can contain wildcards),
if none exists default is returned.
for path in path_list:
if '*' in path or '?' in path:
to_check = glob.glob (path)
to_check = [path]
for p in to_check:
if os.path.exists (p):
return p
return default
def path_eval_exist (path_list):
"""Evaluate a list of potential paths.
Returns the paths that actually exist.
exist = []
for path in path_list:
if '*' in path or '?' in path:
to_check = glob.glob (path)
to_check = [path]
for p in to_check:
if os.path.exists (p):
exist.append (p)
return exist
# OS
def os_get_document_root():
if sys.platform == 'darwin':
return "/Library/WebServer/Documents"
elif sys.platform == 'linux2':
if os.path.exists ("/etc/redhat-release"):
return '/var/www'
elif os.path.exists ("/etc/fedora-release"):
return '/var/www'
elif os.path.exists ("/etc/SuSE-release"):
return '/srv/www/htdocs'
elif os.path.exists ("/etc/debian_version"):
return '/var/www'
elif os.path.exists ("/etc/gentoo-release"):
return '/var/www'
elif os.path.exists ("/etc/slackware-version"):
return '/var/www'
return '/var/www'
return ''
# Misc
def split_list (value):
ids = []
for t1 in value.split(','):
for t2 in t1.split(' '):
id = t2.strip()
if not id:
return ids
def lists_differ (a, b):
"""Compare lists disregarding order"""
if len(a) != len(b):
return True
if bool (set(a)-set(b)):
return True
if bool (set(b)-set(a)):
return True
return False
def get_real_path (name, nochroot=False):
"""Get real path accounting for chrooted environments"""
chroot = CTK.cfg.get_val('server!chroot')
if chroot and not nochroot:
fullname = os.path.normpath (chroot + os.path.sep + name)
fullname = name
return fullname