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import itertools
from base import *
DIR = "flcache-cookie1"
CONTENT = "Front-line does not cache responses setting cookies"
CONF = """
vserver!1!rule!2760!match = directory
vserver!1!rule!2760!match!directory = /%(DIR)s
vserver!1!rule!2760!handler = cgi
vserver!1!rule!2760!flcache = 1
""" %(globals())
CGI_CODE = """#!/bin/sh
echo "Content-Type: text/plain"
echo "Set-cookie: foo=bar"
echo "%(CONTENT)s"
""" %(globals())
class TestEntry (TestBase):
def __init__ (self, filename):
TestBase.__init__ (self, __file__)
self.request = "GET /%s/%s HTTP/1.0\r\n" %(DIR, filename) +\
"Connection: close\r\n"
self.expected_error = 200
class Test (TestCollection):
counter = itertools.count()
def __init__ (self):
TestCollection.__init__ (self, __file__) = "Front-line cache: Cookie"
self.conf = CONF
self.proxy_suitable = True
self.delay = 1
def Prepare (self, www):
self.local_dir = self.Mkdir (www, DIR)
def JustBefore (self, www):
test_num =
self.filename = "test276-id%s-test%s" %(id(self), test_num)
# Write the new file
self.WriteFile (self.local_dir, self.filename, 0755, CGI_CODE)
# Create sub-request objects
# First request
obj = self.Add (TestEntry (self.filename))
obj.expected_content = ['X-Cache: MISS', CONTENT]
# Second request
obj = self.Add (TestEntry (self.filename))
obj.expected_content = ['X-Cache: MISS', CONTENT]
def JustAfter (self, www):
# Clean up the local file
fp = os.path.join (self.local_dir, self.filename)
os.unlink (fp)
self.filename = None
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