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Improves the SSL cookbook. It was not clear enough how to enable SSL.

Thanks a million to Dale ( for the patch.

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1  doc/
@@ -185,6 +185,7 @@ media/images/admin_vserver_errors.png \
media/images/admin_vserver_loggers.png \
media/images/admin_vserver.png \
media/images/admin_vserver_security.png \
+media/images/admin_vserver_security_ssl.png \
media/images/admin_vserver_evhost.png \
media/images/admin_handler_proxy.png \
media/images/cookbook_django_common.png \
28 doc/cookbook_ssl.txt
@@ -6,6 +6,34 @@ Cookbook: SSL, TLS and certificates
This section answers some general questions and details the procedure
to generate SSL keys.
+Configure vServer SSL Certificates
+To start serving HTTPS traffic from Cherokee you will have to
+link:#ssl-support[enable SSL support] and obtain a
+link:#free-certificates[signed certificate] (or
+link:#self_sign[signed your own]). Ensure that the certificate files
+have the appropriate permissions for your OS and that you know the locations
+of the following:
+ . Signed Certificate file
+ . Private Key file used to generate CSR for the above
+ . CA List or Chain file (Optional, depending on signing authority of your certificate)
+All files should be generated using PEM-encoding.
+Certificates are configured at the vServer level in the *Security* tab. *This
+means you must have a vServer setup that corresponds to your Certificate's
+security scope*. Enter the full paths for your Certificate and corresponding Private
+Key file. To add a certificate chain file to you CA List set *Client Certs. Request*
+to _Accept_ then put the full path to your chain file in the _CA List_ box.
+image::media/images/admin_vserver_security_ssl.png[Virtual Server - Security]
General questions
BIN  doc/media/images/admin_vserver_security_ssl.png
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