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Cherokee-admin: using a user-defined password #957

loureirorg opened this Issue · 5 comments

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is there a way to set a password via command line in cherokee-admin launcher? Or force it to use some linux autentication (like passwd or pam)?

I ask this because:
1. some people may don't feel secure using the "random" generated password.
2. I (and maybe some people) may require to start cherokee-admin at bootstrap.



it is not possible to set a password via command line.
I don't know if there is another way.



because this: . This worries me a little bit. But if is not in the plans, and considering that was answered I guess that can be marked as closed.

@loureirorg loureirorg closed this

@loureirorg you are free to open a new issue specifically for requesting that enhancement. You are even free to add the code yourself and open a pull request. I don't see why that would be not in the plans (if there would be such a thing :wink:). But then again, I am not the project leader :smile:


Hi, thanks for the answer. I'm a programmer, but I don't know how the sources are structured. Can you help me to find what file controls this? Is this ?

PS: this is the best channel to discuss this? Or the cherokee project has a forum or something else?


There is a mailing list if you need to discuss things. You can also discuss in related tickets.

As with the code, I cannot help you there.

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