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quick hack to deal with issue of converting the string '0A1' to an int #17

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This issue only makes itself known when running cherokee-admin with -x and otherwise causes cherokee-admin to be inaccessible with a 503 timeout error.

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I think we should deal with this in a better way. Either a regular expression to prevent future problems, because it already splits on 'b'.

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Commits on Jan 10, 2012
  1. @mdavid

    quick hack to deal issue of converting the string '0A1' to an int (wh…

    mdavid committed
    …ich makes cherokee-admin inaccessible)
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@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ def config_version_get_current():
major = int(v1)
minor = int(v2)
- micro = int(v3)
+ micro = int(v3.strip('A1'))
return "%03d%03d%03d" %(major, minor, micro)
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