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Fix SSL timeout issue (issue 1307) #24

merged 4 commits into from Jul 19, 2012

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davidjb commented Jul 19, 2012

Previously, the connection timeout was not respected on SSL connections -- it always defaulting back to the default of 15 seconds. This pull request solves the issue.

I've applied the patches from Sylvain Munaut @ and included QA tests to ensure this works against HTTP and HTTPS.

smunaut and others added some commits Jun 15, 2012
@smunaut smunaut ssl: Restore the server default timeout_lapse once SSL negotiation is…
… done

The timeout_lapse was replaced by the SSL negotiation timeout during the
accept. We need to restore it to the proper value once the SSL stuff is
over with.

Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <>
@smunaut smunaut rule_list: Update the timeout when setting per-rule timeout_lapse
It's required or the new timeout_lapse might not be taken into
account since the connection expiration time that's in conn->timeout
has been computed with the previous timeout_lapse

Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <>
@alobbs alobbs The QA bench was not working over SSL. 13012f9
@davidjb davidjb Adding tests for timeout against rules 541f26c
@skinkie skinkie merged commit 9864126 into cherokee:master Jul 19, 2012
Cherokee Project member
skinkie commented Jul 19, 2012

Thanks for following up. I know there are a lot of fixes also in my personal Cherokee repo which we can close a lot of bugs with.

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