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Market "Clean Up" fix. #9

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When posting something, CTK append ?key=xxx to url. A lot of regex have same issue


The market is being deprecated in favor of a much more open and flexible "Wizards 2.0" mechanism, and thus it is not longer going to be shipped with the upcoming versions of Cherokee.

Thanks a million for finding and fixing the problem.
Good stuff!! :-)

@alobbs alobbs closed this

Is the new wizards system available as a beta or in a separate branch, or will it be a future enhancement?

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Commits on Oct 29, 2011
  1. @mehmetali

    Market "Clean Up" fix. When posting something, CTK append ?key=xxx to…

    mehmetali authored
    … url. A lot of regex have same issue
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  1. +1 −1  admin/market/
2  admin/market/
@@ -588,7 +588,7 @@ def __call__ (self):
CTK.publish ('^%s$'%(URL_MAINTENANCE_LIST), ListApps)
-CTK.publish ('^%s$'%(URL_MAINTENANCE_LIST_APPLY), ListApps_Apply, method="POST")
+CTK.publish ('^%s'%(URL_MAINTENANCE_LIST_APPLY), ListApps_Apply, method="POST")
CTK.publish ('^%s$'%(URL_MAINTENANCE_DB), DatabaseRemoval)
CTK.publish ('^%s$'%(URL_MAINTENANCE_DB_APPLY), DatabaseRemoval_Apply, method="POST")
CTK.publish ('^%s$'%(URL_MAINTENANCE_REMOVE), RemoveApps)
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