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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Cherokee-admin
# Authors:
# Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>
# Copyright (C) 2001-2011 Alvaro Lopez Ortega
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
# 02110-1301, USA.
import os
import re
import CTK
import popen
import Install_Log
class Wizard (object):
type : 'directory' or 'vserver'
vserver_num: 10, 20, ..
web_directory: /webdir
app_fetch: /tmp/bat.tgz, http://_/foo.tgz
app_dir: /var/www_apps/worpress
targz_path: /tmp/foobar.tgz
type = property (lambda s: s.params.get('type'), lambda s,v: s.params.update({'type': v}))
app_dir = property (lambda s: s.params.get('app_dir'), lambda s,v: s.params.update({'app_dir': v}))
app_fetch = property (lambda s: s.params.get('app_fetch'), lambda s,v: s.params.update({'app_fetch': v}))
targz_path = property (lambda s: s.params.get('targz_path'), lambda s,v: s.params.update({'targz_path': v}))
def __init__ (self, app_info, params=None):
self.app_info = app_info
# Do not copy the params. We do want a child wizard to
# reference its parent params dict.
self.params = params or {}
# Public
def Check_Parameters (self):
return []
def Check_Prerequisites (self):
return []
def Download (self):
return []
def Unpack (self):
return []
def Check_PostUnpack (self):
return []
def Configure_Cherokee (self):
return []
def Configure_Cherokee_PostApply (self):
return []
# Protected
def _Register_Child_Wizard (self, wizard_obj):
wizard_obj.params = self.params
return wizard_obj
def _Check_Params_Install_Type (self, allows_dir, allows_vserver):
errors = []
# Type
if not self.type:
errors += ["Missing 'type' property. Suitable values are: 'vserver' or 'directory'"]
return errors
if not self.type in ['directory', 'vserver']:
errors += ["Invalid 'type' value. It must be either 'vserver' or 'directory'"]
return errors
# Directory
if self.type == 'directory':
vserver_num = self.params.get('vserver_num')
directory = self.params.get('web_directory')
if not vserver_num:
errors += ["Property 'vserver_num' missing"]
elif not vserver_num.isdigit():
errors += ["Invalid value of the 'vserver_num' property: it must be a number"]
if not directory:
errors += ["Property 'web_directory' missing"]
elif directory[0] != '/':
errors += ["Invalid value of the 'web_directory' property: it must be a directory path"]
# Virtual Server
elif self.type == 'vserver':
vserver_nick = self.params.get('vserver_nick')
vserver_num = self.params.get('vserver_num')
if not vserver_nick:
errors += ["Property 'vserver_nick' missing"]
if vserver_num and CTK.cfg['vserver!%s'%(vserver_num)]:
errors += ["Invalid 'vserver_num'. Virtual server ID already in use."]
self.params['vserver_num'] = CTK.cfg.get_next_entry_prefix ('vserver').split ('!')[-1]
return errors
def _Check_Software_Location (self):
errors = []
if self.app_fetch:
return []
if not self.app_dir:
errors += ["The 'app_dir' property must be provided"]
return errors
def _Handle_Download (self, tarball=None):
errors = []
url = None
pkg_path = None
# In case of running from the GUI, the file is downloaded by
# now, so the only thing left to do is to update the params.
if self.app_fetch and self.app_fetch.startswith ("http:"):
if CTK.DownloadEntry_Exists (self.app_fetch):
down_entry = CTK.DownloadEntry_Factory (self.app_fetch)
self.targz_path = down_entry.target_path
return []
# Auto
if not self.app_fetch or self.app_fetch == 'auto':
url = tarball
# Static file
elif self.app_fetch[0] == '/':
if not os.path.exists (self.app_fetch):
errors += [_("File or Directory not found: %(app_path)s") %({'app_path': self.app_fetch})]
return errors
if os.path.isdir(self.app_fetch):
self.targz_path = self.app_dir
self.targz_path = self.app_fetch
# Download the software
url = self.app_fetch
if url:
Install_Log.log ("Downloading: %s" %(url))
self.downloader = CTK.DownloadEntry_Factory (url)
while self.downloader.isAlive():
if self.downloader.size <= 0:
Install_Log.log ("Downloaded %d bytes..." %(self.downloader.downloaded))
Install_Log.log ("Downloaded %d / %d (%d%%)..." %(self.downloader.downloaded, self.downloader.size, (self.downloader.downloaded * 100 / self.downloader.size)))
self.targz_path = self.downloader.target_path
Install_Log.log ("Download completed: %s" %(self.targz_path))
return []
def _Handle_Unpacking (self):
if not self.targz_path:
return []
assert self.app_dir
# Create the app directory
if not os.path.exists(self.app_dir):
os.makedirs (self.app_dir)
# Unpack
command = "gzip -dc '%s' | tar xfv -" %(self.targz_path)
Install_Log.log ("(cd: %s): %s" %(self.app_dir, command))
ret = popen.popen_sync (command, cd=self.app_dir)
Install_Log.log (ret['stdout'])
Install_Log.log (ret['stderr'])
return []
def _Update_app_dir (self, re_filter=None):
assert self.app_dir
for f in os.listdir (self.app_dir):
fp = os.path.join (self.app_dir, f)
if re_filter:
if not re.match (re_filter, f):
Install_Log.log ("Updating app_dir: %s to %s" %(self.app_dir, fp))
self.app_dir = fp
return []
Install_Log.log ("app_dir was not updated: %s" %(self.app_dir))
return []
def _Handle_Log_VServer (self):
vserver_num = self.params.get('vserver_num')
cp_vsrv_log = self.params.get('cp_vsrv_log')
# For VServers only
if not self.type == 'vserver':
return []
# Log config cloning
if cp_vsrv_log:
vsrv_1st = CTK.cfg.get_lowest_entry ('vserver')
if CTK.cfg['vserver!%s!logger' %(vsrv_1st)]:
CTK.cfg.clone ('vserver!%s!logger' %(vsrv_1st), 'vserver!%s!logger' %(vserver_num))
if CTK.cfg['vserver!%s!error_writer'%(vsrv_1st)]:
CTK.cfg.clone ('vserver!%s!error_writer' %(vsrv_1st), 'vserver!%s!error_writer' %(vserver_num))
return []
# Checks
def _Check_File_Exists (self, filename):
assert self.app_dir
assert self.app_info and self.app_info.has_key('name')
errors = []
fpath = os.path.join (self.app_dir, filename)
if not os.path.exists (fpath):
errors += [_("The '%(app_dir)s' directory does not look like a %(name)s directory: The %(filename)s file is missing.")
%({'app_dir': self.app_dir, 'name': self.app_info['name'], 'filename': filename})]
return errors
_modules = {}
def Load_Module (path):
global _modules
if not path in _modules:
tmp = path.split('/')
dsc = tmp[-1].replace('.py','')
php_mod_path = os.path.realpath (__file__ + '/../wizards/' + path)
_modules[path] = CTK.load_module_pyc (php_mod_path, dsc)
return _modules[path]
_templates = {}
def Load_Template (path):
global _templates
if not path in _templates:
tmp = path.split('/')
dsc = tmp[-1].replace('.py','')
php_mod_path = os.path.realpath (__file__ + '/../templates/' + path)
_templates[path] = CTK.load_module_pyc (php_mod_path, dsc)
return _templates[path]