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Read and contribute to CherryPy

Make sure you read the README. Also ensure you set up pre-commit utility correctly and TravisCI tests pass:

pre-commit run --all-files  # runs the same checks as in CI locally
pre-commit install  # sets up itself as a pre-commit hook of your local repo

Submitting Pull Requests

If you're changing the structure of the repository please create an issue first. Don't forget to write appropriate test cases, add them into CI process if applicable and make the TravisCI build pass.

Sync (preferably rebase) your feature branch with upstream regularly to make us able to merge your PR seamlessly.

Submitting bug reports

Make sure you are on latest changes and that you re-ran this command tox after updating your local repository. If you can, please provide more information about your environment such as browser, operating system, python version, and any other related software versions.


See Contributing in the docs.