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# CSS Transition Properties
## transition-property none | all | <id> [, <id>]*
specifies the name(s) of css properties to apply the transition to.
transition-property: opacity, left;
## transition-duration <time> [, <time>]*
defines the length of time that a transition takes place
transition-duration: 2s;
transition-duration: 2s, 4s;
## transition-timing-function ease | linear | ease-in | ease-out | ease-in-out
describes the easing function to use for transitions
transitions-timing-function ease-in;
transitions-timing-function ease-in, ease-out;
## transition-delay <time> [, <time>]*
defines when the transition will start. 0 will start as soon as
the property has been changed.
transition-delay: 2s;
transition-delay: 2s, 4s;