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Common commands for the Diakonos text editor. (
This guide is available at
Arrow Keys Cursor Movement
Home, End Move cursor to beginning or end of current line
Page Up/Down Pitch buffer view by one screenful of text
Alt-Up/Down Scroll up, down
Editor Control
Ctrl-Q Quit
F1 List key bindings
F12 Edit user's configuration file
Alt-M Start/stop macro recording
F4 Play macro
F6 Repeat last command
File/Buffer Control
Ctrl-O Open a file
Ctrl-S Save current buffer
Alt-S Save current buffer to specific filename
Ctrl-W Close current buffer
Ctrl-N Create new empty buffer
Alt-Shift-T Specify buffer content type
Alt-1 to 9 Switch among first 9 buffers
Alt-minus/= Switch buffers
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Ctrl-space Anchor selection (like emacs)
Ctrl-C Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl-X Copy selection to clipboard and delete (i.e. cut)
Ctrl-V Pase clipboard text
Alt-U Unselect (stop selecting)
Ctrl-K Cut current line (can collect multiple lines)
Ctrl-F Find
Ctrl-Alt-F Find upwards
F3 Find again
Shift-F3 Find again upwards
Ctrl-R Search and replace
Ctrl-Alt-U Clear match highlight
Jump to Line
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