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# Docbook
## Basics
<para>This is a paragraph</para>
<keycombo>CTRL + C</keycombo>
<errortext>error parsing foo.rb</errortext>
## Code
<programlisting language="java" linenumbering="numbered">
function foo(bar){
String b = new String;
return(b = bar);
## Annotations
<para>This is a note</para>
<para>This is a tip</para>
<para>This is a warning</para>
# Commandline
<para><command>ls | head -n 2</command></para>
## Unordered Lists
<listitem><para>First item</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Second item</para></listitem>
## Ordered List
<listitem><para>First item</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Second item</para></listitem>
## Includes
<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="chapter01.xml"/>
## Index
<index />
## Images
<sect1 xml:id="sec.A.cross.reference">
<title>A cross reference</title>
<para>You can easily cross reference things by referencing the XML id attribute of any element. See <xref linkend="fig.sample.image" /> to see a screenshot.</para>
<figure xml:id="fig.sample.image">
<title>A sample figure.</title>
<imagedata fileref="images/sample.png" width="4in"></imagedata>
<caption><para>A sample image</para></caption>
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