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** Adding a submodule to a superproject.
git submodule add <repository>
Add the given repository as a submodule to the current git project.
** After cloning the superproject, the submodule directories will exist, but they will be empty.
git submodule status
Show the status of the submodules.
** Actually pulling down the submodules is a two-step process.
git submodule init
git submodule update
** Gotcha: submodules do not checkout master by default, it checks out a specific commit relative to the superproject (somewhat like a tag). To do any work, make sure you checkout master or another branch.
$ cd my_submodule
$ git branch
* (no branch)
$ git checkout master
** Gotcha: when publishing (pushing) make sure you publish the submodule changes first, followed by the superproject. Otherwise others will have problems cloning the repository.
$ git commit -m "Updated the my_submodule from within the superproject."
$ git push
$ cd ..
$ git add my_submodule
$ git commit -m "Updated my_submodule."
$ git push