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Keyboard navigation for Gmail
c: Compose
/: Search
k: Move to newer conversation
j: Move to older conversation
n: Next message
p: Previous message
o / <Enter>: Open/Return to conversation list
y: Archive*
From 'Inbox,' 'y' means Archive
From 'Starred,' 'y' means Unstar
From any label, 'y' means Remove the label
* 'y' has no effect if you're in 'Spam,' 'Sent,' or 'All Mail.'
x: Select conversation
s: Star a message or conversation
!: Report spam
r: Reply
<Shift>+r: Reply new window.
a: Reply all
<Shift>+a: Reply to all in a new window.
f: Forward
<Shift>+f: Forward new window.
<Esc>: Escape from input field
<Ctrl>+s: Save
<Cmd>+s for Macs
<tab> then <Enter>: Send message
y then o: Archive and next
g then a: Go to 'All Mail'
g then s: Go to 'Starred'
g then c: Go to 'Contacts'
g then d: Go to 'Drafts'
g then i: Go to 'Inbox'