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For Google RSS Reader (
* j/k: next/previous item
* space / <Shift>+space: next/previous item or page
* n/p: scan down/up (list only)
* o/enter: expand/collapse (list only)
* s: star item
* <Shift>+s: share item
* v: view original
* t: tag item
* m: mark item as read
* r: refresh
* u: toggle full screen mode
* <Shift>+a: mark all as read
* 1: switch to expanded view
* 2: switch to list view
* <Shift>+n / p: next/previous subscription
* <Shift>+x: expand folder
* <Shift>+o: open subscription or folder
* g then h: go home
* g then a: go to all items
* g then s: go to starred items
* g then t: open tag selector
* g then u: open subscription selector