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grep searches for lines matching a pattern.
$ grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE] ...
PATTERN can be a normal string or a regular expression. For more on regular expressions see:
$ cheat regexp
Get full help:
$ grep --help
Basic Usage
$ grep index *.rb
admin_controller.rb: def index
store_controller.rb: def index
store_controller.rb: redirect_to_index 'Invalid product'
store_controller.rb: redirect_to_index "Your cart is currently empty."
Useful Options
-h: suppress file names in output
-w: restrict search to whole words only
-c: displays count of matching lines in each file, not the lines themselves
(note this is not the same as $ grep index *.rb | wc -l)
-i: ignore case
-l: list only file names containing matching lines
-n: precede each line with the line number where it was found
-v: display all lines NOT matching pattern