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<% render_hfeed(options?) do ... end %>
<% render_hentry(id, options?) do ... end %>
Render ol with class hfeed, or li with the class hentry and id. Options passed to HTML element.
<%= hentry_title(title?, options?) { ... } %>
<%= hentry_content(content?, options?) { ... } %>
Returns header with class entry-title, or element with class entry-content. Content pass as argument or returned from block, options passed to wrapping element. Use :level to specify header level (default 2), :tag to specify content element (default p).
<%= hcard(values) %>
:fn Formal name
:given-name Given name (alternative to :fn)
:family-name Family name (alternative to :fn)
:url URL of person/entity (results in link)
:photo URL of photo, or hash of options for img tag
:html Options to pass to wrapper element
<%= Time.microformat(type, format?) { ... } %>
Formats time using the date/time pattern, returns abbr element. First argument is date/time type (e.g. :published). Human formatted: using second argument (see strftime), result of block, or self.to_s.