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OpenSC summary cheat sheet
These hints are from:
I take no credit for Rene's work!
To get reader numbers for other commands:
opensc-tool -l
"Formatting" a card with PKCS#15 structures:
pkcs15-init -r 1 --erase-card --create-pkcs15 --no-so-pin --label 'rmayrhofer'
Defining a new PIN:
pkcs15-init -r 1 --store-pin --label 'rmayrhofer PIN' --auth-id 01
Generating a new keypair on the card:
pkcs15-init -r 1 --generate-key 'rsa/1024' --auth-id 01 --label 'test key 1' --public-key-label 'public test key 1' --split-key
Importing an existing keypair and corresponding X.509 certificate:
pkcs15-init -r 1 --store-private-key gibraltar/CA/private/styx.key --id 45 --auth-id 01 --label 'test key 2 for IPSec' --split-key
pkcs15-init -r 1 --store-certificate gibraltar/CA/styx.pem --id 45 --auth-id 01 --label 'public test certificate 2 for IPSec'
Importing a PKCS#12 file containing the certificate and private key:
pkcs15-init -r 1 --store-private-key gibraltar/CA/private/styx.p12 --format PKCS12 --id 45 --auth-id 01 --label 'test key 2 for IPSec' --split-key
Listing PINs that can be used (or are already used) for protecting keys:
pkcs15-tool --reader 1 --list-keys
Listing private and corresponding public keys:
pkcs15-tool --reader 1 --list-keys
pkcs15-tool --reader 1 --list-public-keys
Listing X.509 certificates stored on the card:
pkcs15-tool --reader 1 --list-certificates
Querying a key and output in ssh format:
pkcs15-tool --reader 1 --read-ssh-key 45
ssh-keygen -D 1