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# Printf
## Syntax
## Specifiers
c Character (a)
d or i Signed decimal integer (392)
e Scientific notation (mantise/exponent) using e character (3.9265e+2)
E Scientific notation (mantise/exponent) using E character (3.9265E+2)
f Decimal floating point (392.65)
g Use the shorter of %e or %f (392.65)
G Use the shorter of %E or %f (392.65)
o Signed octal (610)
s String of characters (sample)
u Unsigned decimal integer (7235)
x Unsigned hexadecimal integer (7fa)
X Unsigned hexadecimal integer (capital letters) (7FA)
p Pointer address (B800:0000)
n Nothing printed. The argument must be a pointer to a signed int, where the number of characters written so far is stored.
% A % followed by another % character will write % to stdout.
## Flags
Left-justify within the given field width; Right justification is the default (see width sub-specifier).
Forces to precede the result with a plus or minus sign (+ or -) even for positive numbers. By default, only negative numbers are preceded with a - sign.
If no sign is going to be written, a blank space is inserted before the value.
Used with o, x or X specifiers the value is preceeded with 0, 0x or 0X respectively for values different than zero.
Used with e, E and f, it forces the written output to contain a decimal point even if no digits would follow. By default, if no digits follow, no decimal point is written.
Used with g or G the result is the same as with e or E but trailing zeros are not removed.
Left-pads the number with zeroes (0) instead of spaces, where padding is specified (see width sub-specifier).