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>> ruby script/plugin source\r\n\
>> ruby script/plugin install acts_as_authenticated\r\n\
>> ruby script/generate authenticated user account\r\n\
>> rake db:migrate\r\n\
To require logins for all actions, use this in your controllers:\r\n before_filter :login_required\r\n\
To require logins for specific actions, use this in your controllers:\r\n before_filter :login_required, :only => [ :edit, :update ]\r\n\
To skip this in a subclassed controller:\r\n skip_before_filter :login_required\r\n\
Here are other available methods for your views and controllers:\r\n * logged_in? \xE2\x80\x93 Returns true if the user is currently logged in.\r\n * current_user \xE2\x80\x93 Returns an instance of the currently logged in user.\r\n\
You can override the #protect? method in your controller to only protect certain actions:\r\n\
\r\n # don't protect the login and the about method\r\n def protect?(action)\r\n if ['login', 'about'].include?(action)\r\n return false\r\n else\r\n return true\r\n end\r\n end\r\n\
You can also override #authorized? in your controller to restrict the actions based on the user:\r\n\
\r\n # only allow nonbobs\r\n def authorized?(user)\r\n user.login != \"bob\" \r\n end"