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Capistrano tasks to manage Amazon EC2 Images. Requires Capistrano 2.x,
gem install capazon
Edit your your config/deploy.rb:
require 'capazon'
#AWS login info
set :aws_access_key_id, 'XXX'
set :aws_secret_access_key, 'X'
# Name of the keypair used to spawn and connect to the Amazon EC2 Instance
# Defaults to one created by the setup_keypair task
set :aws_keypair_name, "#{application}-capazon"
# Path to the private key for the Amazon EC2 Instance mentioned above
# Detaults to one created by setup_keypair task
set :aws_private_key_path, "#{Dir.pwd}/#{aws_keypair_name}-key"
#defaults to an ubuntu image
#set :aws_ami_id, "ami-e4b6538d"
#defaults to, um, default
#set :aws_security_group, "default"
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