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# Example Model
class Post
include DataMapper::Resource
property :id, Serial # primary serial key
property :title, String, :nullable => false # Cannot be null
property :published, Boolean, :default => false # Default value for new records is false
# Core Types
- Boolean
- String
- Text
- Float
- Integer
- BigDecimal,
- DateTime, Date, Time
- Object, (marshalled)
- Discriminator
# Types via 'dm-types'
- Csv
- Enum
- EpochTime
- FilePath
- Flag
- IPAddress
- Yaml
- Json
- BCryptHash
- Regex
# Natural Keys
property :sku, String, :key => true
# Lazy Loading
Properties may be 'lazy loaded', after which you must call the
method directly to have it's contents loaded. Text properties are
lazy by default.
property :body, Text
property :body, Text, :lazy => false
Lazy Loading can also be done via contexts, which let you group
lazily loaded properties together, so that when one is fetched,
all the associated ones will be as well, cutting down on trips
to the data-store.
property :summary, Text, :lazy => [:show]
property :body, Text, :lazy => [:show]
# Overridding Setters
Use the #attribute_set method instead of using @inst_vars.
def name= string
raise ArgumentError if string != 'amazing'
attribute_set :name, string
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